The Crown’s Game-Book review

1/5  stars

The instant he touched her, his shadow flickered, and his real self flashed through. Vika sucked in a breath. Oh, mercy, he was handsome, all ebony hair and ink-black eyes and a face so precisely chiseled, Vika could almost picture the blade that had created him…


I really don’t understand how books like these continue to be published. I don’t get it!!!!
The Crown’s Game seemed promising to me. It was set in imperial Russia and followed two enchanters competing to be the imperial enchanter. (Imperial enchanter is a super important and powerful position , so this competition is really important because the one who gets this title and the other one dies. Intense, I know.) I love books set in Russia and I love fantasy, so I was dying to get my hands set on this book.
However, all the things I expected in this book I didn’t get.
Interesting characters?
Exciting plot?
Tension and drama?
Beautiful romance?
Excellent worldbuilding?
So, what did I get? I got a book with two cardboard cutout main characters with zero personality , instalove (whyyyy), love triangles, and a half assed attempt at a competition that is supposedly sooo important.
The book doesn’t even try to make it intense or exciting. The two main characters are supposed to be in a competition where one of them dies. DIES. So, you would think that they do everything they can to win and keep from dying. Yet, from the second they see other, they’re practically in love already. *rolls eyes*
This book is just not worth your time. It’s not the worst book ever, but there’s absolutely nothing I liked about it. It’s just so boring. I never cared about what went on and I have no interest in the sequel.
It’s just another standard YA “fantasy” novel that is wayy too light and fluffy for my taste with no substance. This is why I shouldn’t follow trends or hyped up books.
Little disclaimer: I didn’t actually finish this book. I got to about 50%, started skimming, and then eventually gave it up. I realize that maybe things could change, but I’m fairly confident that nothing that happens later could change my opinion.