“The Martian” Book Review

4/5 stars

I doubt this will be of much of a surprise to anyone, but I have always been a huge nerd. I feed on knowledge. I was always that weird kid that has hundreds of useless facts in her brain, enjoyed documentaries and museums, and loved learning new things. Science, math, English, and History were things I enjoyed, not hated. However, as much as a nerd I was thought to be, only pales in comparison to just how nerdy the main protagonist of The Martian is. But, don’t worry. I absolutely loved how nerdy this book was. And, you will too.

The Martian is a science fiction novel of a trip to Mars gone wrong. Mark Watney, the main lead of this story, gets stuck in Mars all by himself, his crew gone. It’s a classic tale of survival, but with a nerdy twist. I can see lots of people loving this book. It’s funny, quirky, suspenseful,addicting, and just plain fun. I adored this book.

While at times, some of the “sciencey” talk went over my head, I enjoyed most of it. Andrew Weir seems to know exactly what he was writing about. While no one has gone to Mars yet, the way the book is written, and how the story unfolds makes me feels as if someone did go there and somehow unfortunately got stranded there, it wouldn’t be too far off from this book.

While this book has multiple perspectives, Mark was my favorite. He was resourceful,intelligent, and a bit of a wisecracking smart ass. God, I loved him. He was hilarious. I found myself cracking up numerous times while reading this book.  I mean, come on…

“Yes, of course duct tape works in a near-vacuum. Duct tape works anywhere. Duct tape is magic and should be worshiped.”

“Maybe I’ll post a consumer review. “Brought product to surface of Mars. It stopped working. 0/10.”

“Also, please watch your language. Everything you type is being broadcast live all over the world. [12:15] WATNEY: Look! A pair of boobs! -> (.Y.)” What a lovable piece of shit he is. XD

This book was all together a great, fun read. I definitely recommend picking it up before it hits theaters in a few months. You won’t regret it.


“Can You Keep a Secret” by Sophie Kinsella Book Review


3 stars

“Mummy always told me, you should never let a man see your feelings or the contents of your handbag.”

This  week was quite a busy and exhausting one, but I still had a tiny bit of time to read. I chose the perfect book to read when I was tired and had a break. Sophie Kinsella’s books are always so much fun. Although I was a *little* disappointed in this book, I still laughed loads and had a great time reading it.

Emma Corrigan, the main character of this book, has a lot of secrets. Ones that she would never tell anyone. Ever. Except one day on a turbulent plane ride, she does. All her secrets and all the weird little things that have happened to her she tells to a complete stranger. Or so she thought… That stranger turns out to be the CEO of her company. Uh oh.

Emma was quite a frustrating character. While I get that most of her characters are flawed and awkward and a bit scatterbrained at times, I still manage to like them. But, I never really cared for Emma in this book. She felt whiny, incredibly selfish, and a bit dumb and naive. That being said, her character did have a lot of hilarious events happen to her that had to do with her personality. I always love a good laugh.


The romance in this book didn’t do much for me. It felt rather underdeveloped. I wanted more. I never felt like I got to truly know Jack Harper and didn’t feel any butterflies with the two of them. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Jack, but I just didn’t really care about him. I also thought Emma liked him wayyy too fast. I was rather underwhelmed by their relationship. Meh.

The reason I liked this book so much was for the laughs. This book, like her others, had so many cringeworthy, embarrassing moments that had you laughing out loud. Emma and her friends managed to crack me up. The airplane scene was pretty “lol” worthy as well. Sophie Kinsella definitely knows how to make people laugh.

While this book was rather predictable and not her best, I still enjoyed it. “I’ve Got your Number” is still by far my favorite, but if you have some time on your hands and want a light read, “Can You Keep a Secret” is for you.

“I’ve Got Your Number” by Sophie Kinsella Book Review

4.5 stars

“If it it’s in the bin, it’s public property”

The other day I felt like I had been slacking on writing my reviews. It felt like it had been FOREVER since I had written one. Then, as I scrolled my goodreads, I realized it’s because I haven’t been reading anything… Obviously, that has now changed. I’m not sure why I took so long to read it, but as soon as I started to get into “I’ve Got Your Number”, I couldn’t stop reading. I loved this book.


Sophie Kinsella is slowing becoming a favorite for me. Are her books the best? No. But, they’re pretty darn entertaining. This book was full of awkward, cringeworthy, laugh out loud moments. This book was also filled with cute, awwing, adorable scenes. These two aspects turned this into such an enjoyable book.

Poppy Wyatt is engaged to a scholarly man, Magnus. Everything should be wonderful. But, she manages to lose her wedding ring and then her phone, turning into a downwards spiral of bad luck. However, soon after she loses her phone (which is basically every girl’s life) she finds a new one in the trash. That phone belongs to Businessman Sam Roxton and soon Poppy endures some awkward encounters with him. But, she also realizes that maybe she’s marrying the wrong man….

Without trying to come off as too fangirly, I absolutely loved The romance in this book. Poppy and Sam went through great character and relationship development and I truly cared for the two of them. They had the cutest and funniest text conversations. But, what I really loved about Sam is that he’s not perfect. He can be too rude, or too in his own little world, but Poppy brings out the good in him. Just like he brings out the good in Poppy. I also loved how Sam made Poppy realize that Magnus was a huge asshole and that she deserved much better. Too many girls like Poppy tend to settle in a relationship. No one should ever settle, ever. You should be with someone who truly loves and cares about you. Someone like Sam. ❤

How I feel about Sam and Poppy:



This book was such a delight to read and I’m ecstatic to read more of Sophie Kinsella’s work. She has the perfect balance of humor and romance with some real life issues thrown in there. Plus, this book has Sam Roxton in it. He’s a beautiful, beautiful man. sigh.

Rebel Belle Book Review

4.5/ 5 stars

“Bruce Wayne’s parents get killed and he goes to Tibet or whatever, and Superman is an alien, and Spiderman had that radioactive spider. Me? I kissed a janitor in the school bathroom.” 

While the end of the school year means that much closer to summer; it also means that much closer to finals. These past weeks have been incredibly busy and I’ve barely had time to read. But, the other day, after finishing studying and taking notes, I thought i would reward myself with a fun book that not only I enjoyed, but would get me back into reading. That book was Rebel Belle. And, my word did I love it! This was the perfect book to get me out my studying funk and I  had the greatest time reading it. I went through almost two weeks without reading anything, and then managed to read Rebel Belle in a couple of days. That’s how addicted I was. I couldn’t put it down.

Rebel Belle follows the story of Harper Price,  the epitome of southern belle. She’s girly, smart, popular, has a boyfriend, and all the basic components of those girls. While at the beginning I may have been mildly irritated by her, I later  loved for her girlyness and different she was from the usual female protagonists. When Harper is at her homecoming, her world gets turned upside down and she suddenly has to protect the very person she despises, David Stark. While at first reluctant at her fate, she eventually comes to grips with it and even starts to fall for David.

While this book may not have made me question the philosophical question of ‘why are we here’, it still was amazing and me smile so much. David and Harper are literally the cutest things in existence and watching their journey was quite entertaining. This book was also action packed and there were some really awesome paranormal elements added in. I also loved how humorous this book was and could not contain my laughter while reading it.

I seriously loved this book so much and am so glad I took time to read it. You’re in for quite a treat.