“The Martian” Book Review

4/5 stars

I doubt this will be of much of a surprise to anyone, but I have always been a huge nerd. I feed on knowledge. I was always that weird kid that has hundreds of useless facts in her brain, enjoyed documentaries and museums, and loved learning new things. Science, math, English, and History were things I enjoyed, not hated. However, as much as a nerd I was thought to be, only pales in comparison to just how nerdy the main protagonist of The Martian is. But, don’t worry. I absolutely loved how nerdy this book was. And, you will too.

The Martian is a science fiction novel of a trip to Mars gone wrong. Mark Watney, the main lead of this story, gets stuck in Mars all by himself, his crew gone. It’s a classic tale of survival, but with a nerdy twist. I can see lots of people loving this book. It’s funny, quirky, suspenseful,addicting, and just plain fun. I adored this book.

While at times, some of the “sciencey” talk went over my head, I enjoyed most of it. Andrew Weir seems to know exactly what he was writing about. While no one has gone to Mars yet, the way the book is written, and how the story unfolds makes me feels as if someone did go there and somehow unfortunately got stranded there, it wouldn’t be too far off from this book.

While this book has multiple perspectives, Mark was my favorite. He was resourceful,intelligent, and a bit of a wisecracking smart ass. God, I loved him. He was hilarious. I found myself cracking up numerous times while reading this book.  I mean, come on…

“Yes, of course duct tape works in a near-vacuum. Duct tape works anywhere. Duct tape is magic and should be worshiped.”

“Maybe I’ll post a consumer review. “Brought product to surface of Mars. It stopped working. 0/10.”

“Also, please watch your language. Everything you type is being broadcast live all over the world. [12:15] WATNEY: Look! A pair of boobs! -> (.Y.)” What a lovable piece of shit he is. XD

This book was all together a great, fun read. I definitely recommend picking it up before it hits theaters in a few months. You won’t regret it.


Benedict Cumberbatch Ice Bucket Challenge

I saw this and I just had to post. I mean, who doesn’t love Benedict Cumberbatch?

While I’m not the hugest fan of the ice bucket challenge, because I’d rather donate money than waste water, I admit watching Benedict’s was pretty great. xD

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“The Thief” Book Review

3.5 stars

Due to my love of fantasy, I make it my priority to seek out some of the more well loved stories of this genre, and this series in particular caught my eye. The reviews were incredibly positive and it seems to be a series that only keeps in improving. It sounded like the perfect series to get into. It was.

While I wasn’t exactly over the moon with this novel, I believed it be a very fun and engaging first book that had amazing world building. At times it felt rather slow, but I do know that the next books are better. Also, the book has a lot of world building which always slows things down. But, that’s not to say I didn’t truly enjoy this book.

This story centers around a young man name Gen who is an acclaimed thief. But, when he finally gets caught he ends up in a prison for quite some time. Then, the king’s magus asks for his help to steal a treasure from another land. The story is basically their journey to and from to get the precious stone with plenty of twists and turns.

I really loved Gen’s character and all the stories he would tell from his people’s religion which was a wonderful form of worldbuilding. He was a likable and funny character, and I really felt for him at times. I did feel that there was something missing, however, and didn’t quite connect with him, but I’m sure that will develop over time. The other characters didn’t really do much for me, but they were still a nice addition to the story.

I don’t have too many things to complain about. The main issues were really just that is was quite short, i didn’t feel that attached to the characters, and the pacing. But, other than that it was wonderful. 🙂