“Winter” by Marissa Meyer : Book Review

Image result for winter marissa meyer3.5 stars

Man, I didn’t realize how sad I would feel after finishing this book. :/ I started this series when Cinder first came out, and now, years later, it has finally ended. I’m so mad at myself that it took me this long to finally read it, but I’m so glad i did.

I didn’t enjoy this quite as much as the others I’ll admit, but it’s really my own fault. It’s been over two years since I read Cress, so I unfortunately spent the first couple hundred pages trying to remember who’s who. That being said, despite the slow start (and the fact that this book was a little too long for my taste. 800 pages could have easily been condensed) I still ended up enjoying this book immensely.

My only main issue (other than the pacing) was that I sometimes felt like there was too much going on. I loved complicated stories, I truly do. But, I sometimes felt like the various storylines prevented character development from occurring. Plot vs. characters is always a difficult balance to get right, but I wished she would have spent a bit more time on the characters, than the storyline.

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Cress Book Review

5/5 stars

One of my most anticpated book releases of 2014, Cress by Marrisa Meyer, did not dissapoint. Cress is the third book in the Lunar Chronicles, with CInder and Scarlet being the first two. I won’t mention specifics in case if you haven’t read them, just mention my general feelings toward them. Cinder is a retelling of Cinderella, Scarlet, a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, and this one was a rettelling of Rapunzel. Set in a futuristic world full of cyborgs and androids yet having magical people such as the Lunars, this world is a amazing and wonderfully complex.

Cress was my favorite of the three. I really loved how the story progressed and loved the character Cress. Although Linh Cinder is still my favorite character, Cress was refreshing to read about because although she was likable, she was also quite different from Scarlet Benoit and Cinder. I loved the development of her relarionship with Thorne and the adventures they went through. I really sympathised with her as well and almost cried when she found out about something that had to with her parents. (youll know if you read it.)

Scarlet is quite a minor character in this book, which was a little depressing, but I have a feeling she will have a much larger part in the last book, Winter.

Cinder was wonderful as always and she blossomed into an even awesomer person. She was very brave and smart in this book, but also pretty badass.

The story flowed very nicely and there was quite a bit of action in this book. The writing was simplistic, yet really pretty. The romance was just enough to keep yo wanting more, but not too much. Great characters as always, and I love the different settings that Meyer incorporates into her stories. Overall this was a fantastic book, and i cant think of anything to complain about. I guess only the fact that Marissa Meyer needs to stop writing cliffhangers…

The Fifth Wave Book Review

the Fifth Wave by Rick Yancy

3/5 stars

I have to admit that for the longest time, I wanted to stay away from this book. although I read The Monstrumologist and really enjoyed it, books with a lot of hype surrounding it tend to frighten me off. but, eventually I caved and read this book. This book took a while for me to get into it, but once I did I really enjoyed it.

The fifth wave in a way reminds of the Host, the plot is a little similar with alien invasions, but what really made me think that they were alike was the fact that it feels like a sci-fi written for non sci-fi lovers. Which is fine, might I add, since it makes it really entertaining, but doesn’t include the thought-provoking and world building that books like Ray Bradbury’s do. Meaning, that this was a fun, entertaining read, but with no real depth, just pure entertainment. That being said, I still really liked it and am anxiously awaiting the sequel.

The story centers around a girl named Cassie who is all alone trying to survive in a world that is invaded by aliens. It took me a while to get it into it, since the beginning was all back story and not much happened. But, finally, about halfway in, things start to pick up and the action and suspense was a joy to read about.

My main problem was the romance. I felt it was too rushed and I had no feeling for Evan and Cassie’s relationship. It was just so unnecessary¬†and at times nauseating. I’m also scared that there might be a love triangle coming up. I do NOT need that.


Also, like I stated, it took almost halfway to get into it. Up until then, it was rather boring. Even past that, there were times I was a little bored whenever it was Cassie’s POV. I wanted more badass butt kicking from her, and less “oh, he’s sooo attractive.” Good lord.


I did really like “Zombie’s” perspective though, and appreciated the suspense that was built within the alternating povs. His storyline seemed to hold the most amount of action.

I like Cassie as a character and thought she was very brave, yet could break down at times. I love her dedication toward her brother and how she never gave up. She also was a little sarcastic and could be a little mouthy at times, which I love. She was likable and real. But, please stop talking about Evan. I don’t care.


All together, The Fifth Wave has plenty enough action to keep you on your toes. If you’re looking for a fun, fast paced book, this one’s for you. But, beware, this has more romance than needed. (and once again, Harry Potter manages to display my emotions perfectly.)