“Sinner” by Maggie Stiefvater Book Review

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3 stars

I have a love/hate relationship with Maggie Stievfater. Although I love her writing, her books can be rather dull. I loved “The Raven Boys” series, but Shiver was rather meh. Even so, I still really loved Cole and Isabel and was interested in a book following their story. While I wasn’t in love with this story, I still enjoyed following Cole and Isabel’s journey.

Both Isabel and Cole are quite crazy, self destructive characters, miles away from Grace and Sam’s quiet peaceful personality. I loved how different they were from the usual YA protagonists. Isabel was such a sarcastic, cynical person who I probably would be bffs with in real life. xD Cole was such a charming, arrogant guy on the outside, but only Isabel could see the true Cole. An unhappy, miserable person who loved music. These two definitely understood each other and I could see the reasoning behind why they loved each other. However, While I liked the romance at first, after a while I stopped caring. I liked these characters, but I never quite loved them for me to truly note everything that happened.

As far as the plot went, I found myself bored at times.
As much I loved the idea of Cole as a rock star in LA, I didn’t actually end up loving it. Which is too bad, because I love music more than anything else and I love reading about characters who are true musicians. The paranormal element could have been ended better as well. His storyline just felt dull. Isabel’s wasn’t much better. I found I had the same issue with this book that I had with Shiver. I liked the characters, and the writing, but there was just something missing for me overall.

On the good side of things, I really liked the side characters. They were likable and helpful to the story. Leon and Jeremy were just wonderful.

This is not a bad book by any means. I still gave it three stars. But, this is probably more suited to hardcore fans of Shiver. While this felt a lot different than Shiver, it still felt rather slow at times. I really struggled to find a purpose for this story. Why was it written? I assume for the fans, but I don’t know. It just felt like If you were bored with that series, you might be bored with this. I still love Maggie Stiefvater and her wonderful “Raven Cycle”, but this series just isn’t for me. It just felt like one big meh. While I don’t regret reading this book, it simply felt not bad, but nothing special.



“Silver shadows” by Richelle Mead Book Review


4 stars

*Spoilers for the first four Bloodlines books*

Man, do I have a lot to say about this book. The first part of this review will be spoiler free if you haven’t read up to this book yet, but then I’ll talk about the spoilery parts under cut.

Silver shadows starts off on a fairly sad note with Sydney now in re-education and Adrian a mess from Sydney being taken. In this book, Adrian and Sydney are doing everything they can to get her out.

Sydney’s strength was heavily demonstrated in this book. Her ability to always stay strong and help others no matter how tough it is for her was highly admirable. I know I wouldn’t have been able to handle it. Re-education was an absolutely awful place that sickened me. The horrible terrors Syndey had to endure still gets me. I think I may officially love Sydney more than Rose. While I try not to compare books to others, I do think I an liking this series more than VA.

Adrian was wonderful just as ever. His willingness to do whatever it took to get to Sydney was rather lovable and heartwarming. The love those two share for each other is indescribable. Adrian did start off on a bad note in this book, going back to his old habits of drinking and partying, but he changed back into the same Adrian I grew to love. I was incredibly proud of him to control himself. 🙂

I do have to say that the plot isn’t the strongest aspect of the book. It took me a while to really get into the story. Even though there were some excellent action scenes, I never truly felt that heart pounding fear of something dreadful to come. The only exception was of Sydney’s time in re education. There were some times I was terrified for her. I cared more for the characters and their story arcs and less for what was going on in the story. This book is more for the Sydrian lovers, like The Fiery Heart, and less for the action lovers. If I didn’t love Adrian and Sydney as much as I did, I might have felt a bit more bored at times.

Overall, very fun and sad book. Some parts were a bit predictable, but I still really loved it. However, why must she always have cliffhangers, WHY?



Spoilers from here on out!

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“Opposition” by Jennifer L. Armentrout Book Review

2.5 stars

* spoilers for The first four books in Lux series, but only very general things are discussed*

The last book in a series always has me a little sad. I always find it hard to let go of characters you spent so much time with and “Opposition” was no different. I’ll miss Daemon and Katy immensely. Though this was my least favorite of the series, I still really enjoyed the Lux Series overall. This book was filled with action and romance and even humor. While I have some gripes with this book, overall this was a satisfying conclusion.

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The Collector Book Review

3.5 stars

The Collector is not your usual paranormal romance/ urban fantasy book. It didn’t take long for me to realize that, and at first I thought I wasn’t going to like this book. But, as I progressed through the story, I realized its uniqueness is something I treasured and appreciated immensely. With our main protagonist, who seems to be pretty much a bad person near the beginning, and a quirky, not beautiful girl, this book really surprised me-in a good way.

Dante Walker is not your typical love interest. He isn’t a good guy and doesn’t pretend to be. He cares only for himself and will do anything to get what he wants. And, to be honest, I didn’t really like him at first. But, as the story evolves, there is so much more to Dante then it seems. He is a bad boy, but I’m not talking about the womanizing, sexist, domineering, “misunderstood” bad boys, who simply just “had a hard lyfe” but truly loves his girlfriend even though he disrespects her. This seems to be common theme in YA and NA and it disgusts me. But, not in this book. I can’t tell you how thankful I am of Victoria Scott for doing this. He had enough “bad boy” traits to believe he truly was a demon, but enough good traits, for me to still like him. Dante and Charlie are the cutest things together. They made me grin several times, and Dante himself made me laugh more than I expected.

Charlie is such a doll. I absolutely adored her. She was cute and quirky and I really felt for her struggles. She was incredibly selfless, but still wanted to be beautiful and popular. She wasn’t one dimensional in the least. I thought Victoria Scott did a beautiful job creating well constructed characters.

My only real complaint is that I wanted more from the paranormal element. I was really intrigued by the whole “soul collector” and wished we had more development on that subject. But, other than that, I really enjoyed this book. It was a fun light read that thoroughly entertained me. 🙂

White Hot Kiss Book Review

1/5 stars

Where do I even start…

I didn’t even finish this book, but I got to 280 out of almost 400 pages so it’s good enough for me to rate this.

This book. This FREAKING book. What happened? I adore Jennifer l. Armentrout’s Lux series. Katy is a likable character,  has a well-developed romance, and although Daemon can be a total asshole, Katy doesn’t put up with his crap. Unlike this book.

I’m sick and tired of these kinds of books. I go in wanting a light fun read, and come out wanting to strangle someone. Can I not just read for fun anymore? Ugh, it seems not. This book was filled with every trope created. A virginal, saintly, ever so special protagonist that every male seems to love even though she’s never had a boyfriend. An overly perfect, Abercrombie model, bad boy, perverted, stalkerish, love interest. (Roth). And the best friend she’s had for years who is also a perfectly sculpted [insert a bunch of attractive male traits here] kinda guy. It’s like no one in this universe has any flaws.

And, of course the best friend of the protagonist is a “slut” who lusts over guys and must be a horrible person for being confident in her own skin. (How dare she!?!?!) Yes, there is a crap load of slutshaming in this book. It’s rather ridiculous. The main character, Layla, calls her friend a “hobag” just for thinking Roth is hot. Seriously??? Then every teen girl must be a “hobag”.

The plot, or lack thereof, is pretty much Layla making out with characters while trying to figure out something demon related. It’s quite sad. I felt nothing for these characters except anger and frustration. The romance wasn’t even good. I felt no chemistry or anything. The one thing I hoped this book would deliver and it failed. I need to go punch a wall or something.

I could go on and on about this book and how angry it made me, but it’s not worth my time. I’m not sure what I expected, but this was not it. *sigh* I am just gonna pretend that I never read this book and move on.  I try to be respectful as possible in my reviews, but if some issue offends me, I won’t keep quite. Definitely do not recommend.


The Lux series is one of my guilty pleasures. With romance, drama, and attractive aliens, it’s simply addicting. But, my only problem with this series (and many other paranormal romances) is the covers. Personally, I found them revolting. However, like the author Jennifer l. Armentrout stated in her blog a while ago, they went through a cover change. While I’m still not in love with these new covers, they are certainly a vast improvement compared to the old ones… The new books are bind ups with ‘Beginnings” which consists of Obsidian and Onyx, the first two Lux books, plus bonus content.



The second bind up is called Consequences and contains Opal and Origin and bonus content.  Not a huge fan of this one, but still better than the old ones. Consequences_900

These two books will be released on June third. Really excited to finally own the series. Plus, Opposition the fifth and final book of this series, will finally be released in August.


Born of Illusion book review

Born of Illusion by Terri Brown was a very exciting and pleasantly surprising read. With likable characters, an amazing setting, and unique plot, I think this is an author that knows her stuff. While not without flaws of course, this still was a very entertaining and fascinating read.

Anna Van Housen is the daughter of Marguerite (which I kept reading as margarita, oops) van Housen, an acclaimed medium in New York. Her mother has her own show with Anna as the sideact. But, Anna has other plans with her life. Anna is an illusionist, or a magician. She wishes to be a magician as great as Houdini, who just so happens to be her father. Set in New York in 1920s, if you liked The Diviners, I think you’ll most likely like this. 🙂

I really enjoyed the setting, for it made feel like I was in the 20s without too much description. Maybe it could’ve been a little more atmospheric, but I quickly forgave it. I also liked how it shed a light on the mediums and magician side of New York. Not just parties and flapper girls and such. Also, I really liked the element of Houdini in this book. He was quite mysterious and I would like to know more about him. I also loved cole. He was adorable and awkward and just so lovely. *sigh*. Anyway…

Anna, our main protagonist in this book, was one I really liked reading about. I have always loved magic and illusions and I really liked reading about her when she performed. I’ve never read a book like this that I can remember, so I liked how a woman could be just as talented as a man even in the 20s. I also liked how even though there was a bit of a love triangle in this book, she wasn’t too indecisive and knew deep in her heart who she liked. There was none of this “but I love them both! Oh poor me.” She was also quite clever and I liked how she always helped her mother and cared for her despite their differences. Which brings me to my next thought. The mother-daughter relationship.

This was probably my favorite part of the book, maybe more than the magic itself. The author did such an excellent job demonstrating a very realistic relationship between the two. Although, occasionally Anna may make it seem like her mother is the ‘bad guy’, there really is none in the story which I liked. During the teen years especially ( I would know) mother and daughters tend to be quite tense and fragile. Just like theirs. They may have their ups and downs but they still love each other. Anna is not perfect and sometimes hurts her mother’s feelings, and vice versa. Being a single mother must be difficult and her mother is just trying her best. Maybe she is not the greatest mother in the world but she cares for her daughter like Jacques said. And Anna loves her mother as well.

Overall, very enjoyable book. So excited for the sequel. XD