“Winter” by Marissa Meyer : Book Review

Image result for winter marissa meyer3.5 stars

Man, I didn’t realize how sad I would feel after finishing this book. :/ I started this series when Cinder first came out, and now, years later, it has finally ended. I’m so mad at myself that it took me this long to finally read it, but I’m so glad i did.

I didn’t enjoy this quite as much as the others I’ll admit, but it’s really my own fault. It’s been over two years since I read Cress, so I unfortunately spent the first couple hundred pages trying to remember who’s who. That being said, despite the slow start (and the fact that this book was a little too long for my taste. 800 pages could have easily been condensed) I still ended up enjoying this book immensely.

My only main issue (other than the pacing) was that I sometimes felt like there was too much going on. I loved complicated stories, I truly do. But, I sometimes felt like the various storylines prevented character development from occurring. Plot vs. characters is always a difficult balance to get right, but I wished she would have spent a bit more time on the characters, than the storyline.

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The Crown’s Game-Book review

1/5  stars

The instant he touched her, his shadow flickered, and his real self flashed through. Vika sucked in a breath. Oh, mercy, he was handsome, all ebony hair and ink-black eyes and a face so precisely chiseled, Vika could almost picture the blade that had created him…


I really don’t understand how books like these continue to be published. I don’t get it!!!!
The Crown’s Game seemed promising to me. It was set in imperial Russia and followed two enchanters competing to be the imperial enchanter. (Imperial enchanter is a super important and powerful position , so this competition is really important because the one who gets this title and the other one dies. Intense, I know.) I love books set in Russia and I love fantasy, so I was dying to get my hands set on this book.
However, all the things I expected in this book I didn’t get.
Interesting characters?
Exciting plot?
Tension and drama?
Beautiful romance?
Excellent worldbuilding?
So, what did I get? I got a book with two cardboard cutout main characters with zero personality , instalove (whyyyy), love triangles, and a half assed attempt at a competition that is supposedly sooo important.
The book doesn’t even try to make it intense or exciting. The two main characters are supposed to be in a competition where one of them dies. DIES. So, you would think that they do everything they can to win and keep from dying. Yet, from the second they see other, they’re practically in love already. *rolls eyes*
This book is just not worth your time. It’s not the worst book ever, but there’s absolutely nothing I liked about it. It’s just so boring. I never cared about what went on and I have no interest in the sequel.
It’s just another standard YA “fantasy” novel that is wayy too light and fluffy for my taste with no substance. This is why I shouldn’t follow trends or hyped up books.
Little disclaimer: I didn’t actually finish this book. I got to about 50%, started skimming, and then eventually gave it up. I realize that maybe things could change, but I’m fairly confident that nothing that happens later could change my opinion.

“The Winner’s Crime” Book Review

Review of first book if unfamiliar with series> “The Winner’s Curse” Book Review

I read a lot of fantasy books. It’s my favorite genre, so it only makes sense. However, even I get sick of fantasy on occasion. When I read too much of a genre, I tend to become more picky and find that books start to lose their uniqueness and instead feel like I’m reading the same story. Over. and. over. again.  Too many fantasy books, especially in the YA genre, feel like fantasy-lite, romance heavy books.

Last year, when I read “The Winner’s Curse”, I found that this book fell into the same trap. I found the world building to be lacking, the plot to be dull, and I wasn’t planning on reading the sequel. However, given the hype this series receives, I decided to give Kestrel and Arin’s story a second chance. I was definitely not disappointed this time around.

I can’t be too specific in this review because I don’t want to spoil the first or second book in this trilogy,  but I will simply say that Marie Rutkoski has stepped her game up in this book. While the romance still has a part in the story, it has backed down and the world building and plot has improved drastically. This is definitely not a fast paced book, however I couldn’t help but struggle to put it down.

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A Book of Spirits and Thieves Book Review

3/5 stars

It is no secret that I adore Morgan Rhodes’ other series, Falling Kingdoms. While it is not a masterpiece by any means, these books are addicting and fun to read. Much to my joy, “A Book of Spirits and Thieves” gave me  similar feelings. Now, I  wasn’t quite in love with this book as her others (for reasons I will state later on), but I still managed to this book and  I have a feeling that this new trilogy has a lot of potential. I also think it’s going to appeal to a lot of people.  I’m excited, guys. Very excited!

The characters : Crystal came off as a very strong and likable protagonist. I enjoyed how far she was willing to go for her family, yet how vulnerable she could be at times. I also admired how she wouldn’t take any crap from Farrell. Veryyy nice to read about it in YA which typically romanticizes so many bad relationships and awful guys. Thank you, Morgan Rhodes. I appreciate it.

Farrell- despite how much I despise his name, (no offense to anyone with that name, but Farrell is just really unsexy sounding) I really really liked his character. Now, don’t be fooled, I hated Farrell as a person, he was an ass and honestly quite scary by the end of the novel, but he intrigued me immensely. I never knew who the real Farell was and there was a part of me hoping that he had some good in his body. By the end of the novel, he seems so different  I didn’t know what to think of him! I really can’t wait for his storyline to be continued. My only issue was how incredibly sexist he was. I felt like even the “good” Farrell was still awful to girls. I get sick and tired of “whores” and “skanks” always hanging out with the main male lead and how the guy treats them no better than dirt. Good lord. I really hope this mindset of his is not who he really is. ”
I found the plot in the fantasy world to be more intriguing, but I did enjoy both worlds in this book. Maddox and Becca’s adventures in ancient Mytica were a lot of fun, and how their storyline ended makes me wanting to go back in that world. I also loved the whole secretive society aspect of the story in the modern world. There is essentially a cult held by a leader named Markus who is claimed to be a god, and how twisted and messed this society really excited me. I especially loved how everything unfolded in the end with Markus, Farrell, and Crystal. I could not put the book down at this point.


Maddox: while I loved Crys and Farrell’s complexity to their characters, I found Maddoxx to be incredibly boring. Which is a shame because I loved his storyline, I just didn’t love him. He seemed so flat and I never felt like I got to know him at all. I get that it’s only the first book, so maybe he’ll grow in me, but for now I simply didn’t like him. He was just whiny and kinda wimpy and just bland. :/.

Becca: Again, another bland character. I literally felt nothing from her. She is said to be so pretty and beautiful, but that seems to be the only thing about her. Well, she does love to read, so I’ll give her that, but other that that…

Romance: oh, God. The romance wasn’t the worst I read, but still pretty cringeworthy. Becca and Maddox have nothing in common, yet still fall in love?! The only thing they had in common is the fact that they both ended up in the same world with each other and are both “attractive” according to each other. Ugh. Very instalovey. Farrell and Crys weren’t that bad because of how it ended up, but I still was not  wild about them together either. Maybe with time, I could see those together, but they would have a lot of issues to work on together, a lot.
But, Becca’s and Maddox together we’re a huge snore. They really dragged down the book for me.

So, in all in all, I did really enjoy this book! Sure, some things bugged me, but this book was very addicting and the ending left me wanting, no, needing more. Ugh. I’m already dying for the next falling Kingdoms book. Now, this. Why do you do this Ms. Rhodes? Whyyyy?
Some of the things I really liked and disliked  are quite spoiler filled, so I wrote  them down below.

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“A Court of Thorns and Roses” by Sarah J. Maas Book Review

3.5 stars
The last time I picked up a book by Sarah J. Maas I was horribly disappointed. “Heir of Fire” was painful to get through, and I was thrilled when I finished it. But, despite my feelings towards her last book, I wanted to give her a second chance. So, I picked up “A Court of Thorns and Roses.”
While, I didn’t necessarily love this book, I did had a tremendous amount of fun while reading it, and did find myself blushing a bit at some of the more “adult” parts. This was incredibly addicting and entertaining.
Now, I should start off with saying that this book is much more of a romance than I expected. The fantasy element is there, but definitely is secondary compared to the relationship between Tamlin and Feyre. Which is alright, but I wish I would’ve gone into this expecting that. However, I did like the romance, and  I thought that it was definitely more “adult” than Throne of Glass. In fact, I think this book should be categorized as NA. Let’s just say that Sarah J. Maas certainly knows how to write steamy scenes.
I also really like the world that Sarah has created. I really hope that she goes into more detail in later books, and doesn’t just have the series centered around the romance. I can only take so much kissing. The Fae are always quite intriguing to me and I loved her own spin of the faerie world.

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Gathering Darkness by Morgan Rhodes

Gathering darkness

This series has officially gotten me addicted. I struggled to put this book down and could not help but feel incredibly empty when I was done. I have no clue what I’m going to do with my life now. Is there an option to sleep until the next book comes out?

Now, this series isn’t perfect. I’m well aware of that. But, despite the flaws in the story, I still find myself obsessed with the world and characters Morgan Rhodes has created. If you maybe had any reservations about this series before, this book rids of any. Cleo and Magnus had wonderful character development, the world building improved, and there was outstanding plot twists and turn in the last hundred pages. Definitely the best in the series.

Cleo’s character
While I admit that a lot of the characters get on my nerves, Cleo makes up for that. Other than the fact that literally every male character in this world is in love with her, she’s the best character in this series. I really admire that she has grown so much since the start. She may not be physically strong, but she’s very intelligent and cunning. She knows her way out of a bad situation. She also remembers to stay loyal towards her kingdom and continue her plot against Limeros. I literally love her so much.

Magnus: While I don’t particularly like him yet, (I mean, he was pretty awful In the first book) he is definitely extremely complex. I really like his struggle to do the right hing when it goes against everything he was taught . I also feel like Cleo and Magnus would be one serious power couple. While Jonas just comains about the royals and does nothing, I feel like Magnus is much more capable of getting stuff done.

The plot:
I found that this book had the best plot so far. It was exciting and well thought out. There was never a dull moment in this story.

Things I disliked:
– Lucia’s Character: I can’t for the life of me, bring myself to like her. I still can’t tell if the author wants us to like her or not, but I can’t stand her. She’s stupid, naive, foolish, useless, and reckless. No one would care about her is she didn’t have her powers. NO one! I also could not stand her relationship with a certain someone. It was so unbelievable and forced. Ugh. I just hope she becomes one of the villains and dies. Magnus will just have to live without her.

-Jonas : Again, another useless character. He’s so hateful and judge mental of others, it’s ridiculous. I hope that Lysandra and Jonas can just go off together and leave. They’re both so annoying.

To end with, I thought Gathering Darkness was the most entertaining and had the most development of its characters and world. I’m dying for the next book! Why can’t books come out sooner?

Heir Of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

2.5 stars

I’ve been slacking on my reviews, but I do believe that I have had enough time to finally come to terms with my feelings to writes this one. It really pains me to feel this way, it really does. But, whenever I think about this book, I just can’t ignore the issues that I had with it.

I loved the previous books in this series. Absolutely loved. The characters, the storyline, the writing, everything about it appealed to me. So, you might imagine the complete devastation I felt not having that complete joy from reading this book. In fact, it was almost the opposite. It was a chore to get through. This book was entirely too long.

This book took me months to read. MONTHS. That’s outrageous. But, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get through it. It wasn’t until about three quarters through where I even really started to enjoy the book. While I did like reading about Celaena’s backstory, I also found it too much for me. It just seemed… Dull. Most of the storylines within this book weren’t that interesting. I was, to put it simply, bored.

I loved Chaol in the previous books, but here, he just seemed a snore. I hope to god his character improves, because in this book he was so flat. I also didn’t care for Dorian in this book. His storyline felt pointless. Manon didn’t do much for me either. While I love witches, I still really struggled to adapt to new characters and even admit to skimming past some of her chapters. Even Celaena didn’t interest me for the vast majority of this book. Everything that happened to her just seemed boring and she seemed so whiny and was constantly complaining.There was so background info and not enough action.


I really enjoyed the aspect of Celaena and Rowan’s relationship. It was nice to see how well they balanced each other and how they helped each other heal and deal with their pain.

Near the end, the book started to pick up, and Celaena’s growth of a character was fantastic. She was really coming into her own element. I really admired her ferocity and bravery for overcoming the demons of her past and moving on to help her people.

In all honesty, this book felt like set up for an actual book. This really should have been condensed and them put into the first half of her next book. But, that’s just my opinion. This wasn’t my favorite by far, but I’m still hopeful that the next will drastically improve.