Crown of Midnight Book Review


6/5 stars

When I was younger, fantasy, especially high fantasy, was my favorite genre. The magic and world building and adventure of it all was so fascinating to me. Unfortunately, then I started to read more mature fantasy in the YA section. Books that were given high praise like “Graceling” and “Shadow and Bone” felt underwhelming. Honestly, although there has been some YA high fantasy I enjoyed, none of them have I ever loved. I began to think that maybe I didn’t like fantasy all that much anymore. That is, until Crown of Midnight.

Now, I did enjoy Throne Of Glass. But, with the love triangle and drama and overall bitchiness from characters, the actual true fantasy part did not deliver. Enjoyable, yes. But, I’d never consider to be a favorite of mine.

But, Crown of Midnight on the other hand was so brilliant, so badass, so heart wrenching and beautiful, that I won’t even hesitate to say this is my new favorite fantasy series.

The story starts off with Celaena in her natural habitat, killing. Although some of her work as a assassin for the king is not what you expect, there is a lot of killing in this book from her which I LOVED. Any doubts of her being an assassin has gone down the drain.

But, the thing I love about Celaena is that though she has been trained to kill, she still gets vulnerable and it breaks my heart when some of the sadder events in this book happen to her. She also, is still human and makes mistakes, gets angry, eats chocolate cake, and is still feminine. I really respect how the author made her more than just a killing machine.

I also, will admit, that if you are a Chaol and Celaena fan, you will be happy, really happy, but then you won’t. It was really nice to see their relationship develop even more. I also enjoyed how her relationship with Dorian continued. I think she handled it very well. I don’t think this is a love triangle anymore, but I could be a mistaken.

Speaking of Dorian, I really loved how he got his own storyline in this book. It honestly shocked me, and was just one of many plot twists. By the way,

Overall, I can’t think of any complaints about this book. It was just really wonderful. Everything flowed nicely and there was lots of plot twists and great fight sequences. There was one plot twist that I thought was kind of obvious at the end, but it still neat to see it revealed. Now wake me up on September 9th please. I don’t want to wait that long…


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