Gathering Darkness by Morgan Rhodes


Gathering darkness

This series has officially gotten me addicted. I struggled to put this book down and could not help but feel incredibly empty when I was done. I have no clue what I’m going to do with my life now. Is there an option to sleep until the next book comes out?

Now, this series isn’t perfect. I’m well aware of that. But, despite the flaws in the story, I still find myself obsessed with the world and characters Morgan Rhodes has created. If you maybe had any reservations about this series before, this book rids of any. Cleo and Magnus had wonderful character development, the world building improved, and there was outstanding plot twists and turn in the last hundred pages. Definitely the best in the series.

Cleo’s character
While I admit that a lot of the characters get on my nerves, Cleo makes up for that. Other than the fact that literally every male character in this world is in love with her, she’s the best character in this series. I really admire that she has grown so much since the start. She may not be physically strong, but she’s very intelligent and cunning. She knows her way out of a bad situation. She also remembers to stay loyal towards her kingdom and continue her plot against Limeros. I literally love her so much.

Magnus: While I don’t particularly like him yet, (I mean, he was pretty awful In the first book) he is definitely extremely complex. I really like his struggle to do the right hing when it goes against everything he was taught . I also feel like Cleo and Magnus would be one serious power couple. While Jonas just comains about the royals and does nothing, I feel like Magnus is much more capable of getting stuff done.

The plot:
I found that this book had the best plot so far. It was exciting and well thought out. There was never a dull moment in this story.

Things I disliked:
– Lucia’s Character: I can’t for the life of me, bring myself to like her. I still can’t tell if the author wants us to like her or not, but I can’t stand her. She’s stupid, naive, foolish, useless, and reckless. No one would care about her is she didn’t have her powers. NO one! I also could not stand her relationship with a certain someone. It was so unbelievable and forced. Ugh. I just hope she becomes one of the villains and dies. Magnus will just have to live without her.

-Jonas : Again, another useless character. He’s so hateful and judge mental of others, it’s ridiculous. I hope that Lysandra and Jonas can just go off together and leave. They’re both so annoying.

To end with, I thought Gathering Darkness was the most entertaining and had the most development of its characters and world. I’m dying for the next book! Why can’t books come out sooner?

I’m Still here!

Heyy. I just wanted to take a moment to check in with you guys and say that I am still alive. Yes, you can all stop worrying now!!
No, but in all serious I am terribly sorry for being gone for so long and while I know that I am not a professional reviewer and therefore do not “owe” anyone reviews, I still have this sense of self obligation to write them. However, due to lack of time and unfortunately, lack of interest in reading these last months I have not been able to keep up with my reviews. I will do my best to fix that now that I have a little bit more time on my hands. I really hope that you understand that I haven’t forgotten about this blog; I just haven’t time. Thank you to all that read my blog and I hope to have new content out soon.

Heir Of Fire by Sarah J. Maas


2.5 stars

I’ve been slacking on my reviews, but I do believe that I have had enough time to finally come to terms with my feelings to writes this one. It really pains me to feel this way, it really does. But, whenever I think about this book, I just can’t ignore the issues that I had with it.

I loved the previous books in this series. Absolutely loved. The characters, the storyline, the writing, everything about it appealed to me. So, you might imagine the complete devastation I felt not having that complete joy from reading this book. In fact, it was almost the opposite. It was a chore to get through. This book was entirely too long.

This book took me months to read. MONTHS. That’s outrageous. But, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get through it. It wasn’t until about three quarters through where I even really started to enjoy the book. While I did like reading about Celaena’s backstory, I also found it too much for me. It just seemed… Dull. Most of the storylines within this book weren’t that interesting. I was, to put it simply, bored.

I loved Chaol in the previous books, but here, he just seemed a snore. I hope to god his character improves, because in this book he was so flat. I also didn’t care for Dorian in this book. His storyline felt pointless. Manon didn’t do much for me either. While I love witches, I still really struggled to adapt to new characters and even admit to skimming past some of her chapters. Even Celaena didn’t interest me for the vast majority of this book. Everything that happened to her just seemed boring and she seemed so whiny and was constantly complaining.There was so background info and not enough action.


I really enjoyed the aspect of Celaena and Rowan’s relationship. It was nice to see how well they balanced each other and how they helped each other heal and deal with their pain.

Near the end, the book started to pick up, and Celaena’s growth of a character was fantastic. She was really coming into her own element. I really admired her ferocity and bravery for overcoming the demons of her past and moving on to help her people.

In all honesty, this book felt like set up for an actual book. This really should have been condensed and them put into the first half of her next book. But, that’s just my opinion. This wasn’t my favorite by far, but I’m still hopeful that the next will drastically improve.

My Favorite books of 2014


The end of the year is quickly approaching, so I thought I would compile a list of my favorite books from this year. I had a wonderful year im reading, so this was quite difficult to think of, but I’m content with my choices. :) (As always, this list is in no particular order. I am awful at numbering things)

1. “Tell the wolves I’m Home” by Carol Rifka Brunt

This was such a moving and emotional story that I feel like everyone would love. It follows a 14 year old girl who’s life begins to fall apiary when her uncle passes to AIDS. She then has to learn to heal and move on. Such a touching story full of love and heartbreak.

2. “Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes

This book actually took me by total surprise. I can be a bit picky when it comes to romance novels, so I wasn’t sure if I would like it. But, Jojo moyes’ story was so much better than I expected and definitely more than just a love story. This was more of a finding yourself book than anything. It follows two people, Louisa Clark, a girl who’s never done much with her life, and Will Trainor, a quadriplegic. This book was actually quite throughtprovoking and really made me take a moment to really think about the value of life and what it truly means to live. I cannot share my love of this enough.

3. The queen’s thief series by Megan Whalen turner

If I had to choose, this probably were my favorite books of 2014. They were just soooo good. This is a series, so it’s technically multiple books, by who cares? I honestly have a hard time describing the overall concept of the story, so you can look at reviews if you really want to know more, but this series is just a really really really well done fantasy series. I will admit, the first book isn’t the best, but after the second you’ll be in love. This series has everything I love in fantasy, great worldbuilding and plenty of action, political intrigue, strong characters, interesting cultures and beliefs, and even a tad bit of romance. Regardless, if you’re new to fantasy or are an expert, I think everyone would love this.

4. “Throne of Glass” Series by Sarah j. Maas

Another fantasy series that has quickly stolen my heart. The main protagonist, Celaena Sardothien, is a vivacious outspoken character who is an assassin that also loves dresses and jewelry. Yeah, it’s awesome.

5. “The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender” by Leslie Walton

This book was one of the most touching YA books I’ve ever read. It was barely over 300 pages, yet I managed to fall head over heels for the characters and their struggles. I feel it’s best to go in this blind, but I have a review on my blog if you care to learn more. But, this book was so lyrical and poetic and so incredibly enchanting. Read it.

I hope you enjoyed and please feel free to tell me some of your favorites. :)

“The Rosie Project” by Graeme Simsion book review

The Rosie Project

4/5 stars


This book was just so so so adorable and fun. I absolutely loved this story and the characters.

I’ve been in a huuge reading slump the last few months due to being super busy and just general lack of interest in reading, but I can definitely say this book makes me want to read again. Perfect pick me upper.

Don Tillman, the lead of this story, is a very unique and refreshing character that I grew to truly love. He is very socially awkward and truly struggles to understand the complexity of human interactions. He is incredibly academic and intelligent and attractive, but he just doesn’t understand social faux pas. He also is a stickler for hard work and always has a planned schedule. He’s basically a more lovable version of Sheldon Cooper. Don, after being discontent with being single and finds that he should settle down and marry, comes up with “The Wife Project”, a hilarious, yet insanely ridiculous survey to determine who he would be compatible with. Unfornuntely, he doesn’t have much luck with this plan and starts to that l he might never find a wife. But, then he meets Rosie. Rosie basically fails his survey for a wife. She smokes, drinks, talks a lot, has a lot of baggage and can be quite temperamental. Yet, for some reason, Don finds himself wanting to be friends with her and even agrees to help Rosie look for her biological father. He is after all, an expert in genetics. Rosie completey changes his life for the better and Don soon realizes that not everything can be scientifallc explained. Love is kinda weird like that.

One of the things that I really enjoyed in this book was the writing. Don is a very straightfoard and intelligent man and the way he thinks was displayed perfectly by the writing. The narrative came off slightly emotionless and technical and really showed just how clueleess Don was to other people.

But, of course what I most loved was how unconventional this story was. I loved how it was from a male’s perspective for a change. I loved how the girl wasn’t a perfect innocent virginal girl. I loved how their relationship developed. I just really loved this book.

This book was a very fun, light read that still managed to pull at the heartstrings a little. Definitely recommend.

“The Young Elites

If I hadn’t already been in love with Marie Lu, I certainly would be now. “The Young Elites” was simply outstanding. In the shelves of the ever so crowded section of YA, this book stands out among the rest. Original, well thought out, and incredibly thrilling and intense, these are just some of the few things it offers.

The story of The Young Elites was much darker than I anticipated. Adelina , the story’s protagonist, wasn’t afraid to bloody her hands when need be. She carried a lot a darkness in her soul. But who could blame her for it? When she was young, Adelina contracted a serious fever that many people all over had and was left with serious scars and only one eye. Due to this, her father treated her like utter trash, what they call a “malfetto”. She did not have a good home life. When Adelina finally had enough of her life and tried to escape, she ended up being found and being taken care of by the Young Elites. Like Adelina, the Young Elites were all survivors of the fever who were left with horrible scars, but they also were gifted with special powers. She soon found out she might have powers as well, but hers were different. Her powers were one of darkness and potential terror.

One of the things that really stood out to me was how this story was full of complex characters. There was no pure evil or pure good character. Adelina was the protagonist, but she could’ve been the antagonist at times if she wasn’t telling the story. Enzo, the leader of the Young Elites was said to be one of the good guys, but even he was no sweet thing. But, what I especially loved was Teren, the bad guy of the book. He was definitely horrible, but he wasn’t just “evil” for the sake of being evil. In fact, at times, I contemplated that maybe he wasn’t the true villain. Maybe it was someone else…

I also really loved the character relationships within this book. Adelina had an incredibly strong bond with her sister that I highly respected. Given that I have a younger sister, I always love books that showcase a realistic relationship between the two. I also loved Adelina’s friendship with Raffaelle, a courtesan. It was nice to see that not every friendship with a person of the opposite sex has to turn into romance. But, that being said, I did really like the development of Adelina and Enzo’s relationship. It was not too rushed and had just enough of them together to leave us wanting more, but not too many scenes so that it made me sick.

My only real complaints within this book are that I wished there was a little bit more backstory and worldbuilding. There was some, but not quite enough to leave me satisfied. Marie Lu had crafted such a wonderful world that i was sad that I didn’t get to know more about it. I also felt that there was a slight of uneven pacing. There was some times in the middle where not much was happening, yet near the end, there was almost too much happening for me to really grasp it. Not to mention this book had an awful cliffhanger. Of course.

Other than that, I absolutely loved this book. Adelina was a great protagonist that was definitely unique, and the story kept me on my toes the whole time. Definitely recommend. :)


“If I Stay” movie Review


4/5 stars

School has started and I have hardly any time for anything. But, in between the homework and practices , I have somehow manage to squeeze in a movie or two.

Last week, I had the wonderful pleasure of watching If I Stay with a few of my friends. I absolutely adored it. I felt that there were very minimal flaws, and that old fans and new will love it. :)

I’ll admit, when I first heard of the casting for this movie, I wasn’t too sure if I liked it. I didn’t know if Chloe Moretz could tackle the role of Mia, and I wasn’t familiar with the other actors. Well, after seeing this movie, I couldn’t be more satisfied with the actors portraying these characters. Adam was just how I imagined, and Mia had that same passion for music that she had in the book.

However, I sometimes thought the flashbacks and present tense could maybe be confusing for those not familiar with the story. They would spend a lot of time on a flashback and then randomly come to present for a brief time. But, it wasn’t too bad overall.

The story felt very true to the book, and while there were a few differences, the overall theme was the same. The ending was even the same! I was really happy with that.

This movie was a really nice roller-coaster of emotions, and I think everyone will get something out of this. I didn’t cry, but I came close to it when something happened to Mia’s younger brother, Teddy. I hugged my little sister really hard when I came back home.

I absolutely loved this movie and hope others will as well. Definitely give it a chance if you have some free time. :)